WiFi Marketing That Works

Korubu guest WiFi is the perfect solution for restaurants and bars looking to utilise WiFi marketing. We have made the system super easy for customers to use, it’s simply a case of inputting a mobile number and an email address.

One common misconception is that it is difficult for customers to connect to the network when using this type of software product. More often than not, problems that arise when it comes to connecting are down to problems with the connection itself rather than the software. Korubu Smart Hospitality has been developed to support our guest wifi software so your customers can seamlessly connect to your WiFi every time.

Once the customer has authenticated and gained WiFi access, Korubu will recognise that the customer when they return. You can and immediately grant them access to the network, or, should you wish to build a more detailed profile on them, ask for a different piece of information, a birthday for example. Some people may feel they are asking for too much information but how much information you gather is entirely up to you. You can ask for as much or as little information as you like.

Using The Data

Thanks to social phenomena such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook providing free WiFi to customers is the perfect way to increase social media presence and get customers talking about you to all their friends and followers. However, once you have their contact details you can delve a little deeper into the world of marketing and start getting clever with your campaigns. Segment the data based on when customers visit and how frequency of visits and tailor your campaigns to really appeal to certain groups of people. For example, if you have a customer who seems to regularly visit you on Sundays for lunch you may want to reward them with a complimentary glass of wine with their roast dinner on their 4th visit. The dashboard has been built to ensure that whatever your marketing experience is, you can quickly and easily create valuable campaigns.

Korubu also has an API with email marketing platform MailChimp. You can import your data straight from Korubu as it collects and build marketing campaigns that can be sent after the guest leaves, encouraging them to return.

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