What Are The Benefits of Cloud Based VOIP?

You may not have heard of Cloud-based VOIP but this technology is quickly becoming the phone system of choice for many businesses. Cloud-based VOIP offers businesses features that old traditional phone systems don’t. Korubu Smart Hospitality utilises this technology.

What Is A Hosted Phone System?

A hosted phone system basically means that calls are made and received using an internet connection. To use the system you can either use softphones which are virtual phones accessible from a computer, or smart-phone or IP phone handsets which are desktop phones able to connect directly to the cloud.


Quality Of Service

Our ethernet connections mean we can guarantee the quality of every phone call on the network. No dropping out, no crackly lines. Cloud-based phone systems allow you create an efficient line of communication for customers which means you can minimise unanswered calls through intelligent call flows, improve customer service and receive call reporting updates to see how well your calls are performing.

Multi Site Deployment

Cloud-based phone are the perfect solution for multi-site businesses. The system allows you to connect and contact sites easily and cost-effectively through one centralised system. They are also easily scalable, as your requirements change new pre-configured handsets can be plugged straight into new sites.

Add New Features Quickly

When adopting a cloud based phone system you can easily build and add new features to the system quickly and without any downtime.

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