Types Of Technology Used In Restaurants

As with most industries, technology is now playing more of a role in hospitality from both an operational and marketing perspective. The types of technology used in restaurants are on the rise and creating a solid IT backbone that allows your restaurant to grow, adapt and evolve is a key point to consider when you are looking to install or upgrade. 

Research shows that restaurant technology enhances the customer experience by speeding the ordering process, reducing errors, and allowing customers to connect to your WiFi network is a great way to encourage social media interaction. 

Planning Your Restaurant Technology

During the restaurant planning phase, it’s important to consider what kind of IT infrastructure you’ll need to support your restaurant’s operations. POS systems, booking systems, takeaway tablets and software and a reliable phone system are just some of the essentials that are now required by the modern restaurant. At Korubu, our Smart Hospitality solution is built with your operation in mind, allowing your restaurant operation to flow seamlessly regardless of how busy or in demand you may be. We utilise industry-leading hardware from Cisco Meraki so should you want to add new software or technology to your restaurant, our topology allows you to easily and quickly.

Restaurant Marketing Technology 

Guest WiFi allows you to create two-way communications between your business and your customers, gives you ways to reach potential new customers and encourage existing customers to return. Collecting valuable customer data means you can send automated emails once guest leave, reach out to them on social media platforms with paid ads and target new customers with similar likes and interests as your customers using lookalike audiences. 

Korubu Guest WiFi has been built with the operator in mind so you can engage with customers using our MailChimp API without lifting a finger. Simply create your email campaigns and build triggers based on frequency or time of the visit and your email campaigns are automatically sent out to customers.

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