Things To Consider With Your Bar Design & Build

At Korubu we have experience working with bars and restaurants of all sizes and concepts. When considering your bar design and build there is an important number of factors to take into account that goes beyond aesthetic.

Getting Your IT Infrastructure Right From The Start

We work with new businesses before the doors even open and into the future to ensure that all IT and technology is installed, tested and ready for your business to operate. Looking beyond aesthetics, we create a solid behind the scenes network that is built with your individual business requirements in mind, leaving you with the peace of mind to concentrate on front of house operations.

Choosing The Right Technology

We have a proven network topology that we know works as part of our Smart Hospitality solution. Utilising industry leading Cisco Meraki technology for all our routers, access points,switches and CCTV means we can ensure that all your requirements for your business can be met with the highest performance guaranteed. Our connectivity options ensure that critical services such as card payments, Epos and WiFi are protected because no-one else shares your connection. Your dedicated connection means that however busy you get you can be assured that services will continue to perform and won’t be compromised by demand.

Future Proofing Your IT Infrastructure

At Korubu we know how quickly technology evolves and how quickly your requirements can change. That’s why we adopt technology that can evolve and grow in line with your business. If you need to add more phones or hardware, our engineers are on hand to assist you with any additional requirements and help with any IT configuration.

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