Specialist Restaurant Telecoms Manchester

Looking for restaurant telecoms in Manchester? Our Smart Hospitality solution has everything an operator needs to get started and operate efficiently. Our ethernet connectivity options are dedicated and uncontended which means however busy you get, operations continue to run smoothly.

What is the contention ratio?

Contention ratio refers to the potential number of users connecting to the actual available bandwidth. The lower the ratio the faster the connection will be. Typically during peak times, you may notice that the connection is slower.

An uncontended connection is one that offers a contention ratio of 1:1. This means that connection is exclusively yours, the connection is not shared by any other businesses and will therefore remain unaffected at peak times.

Ethernet connections are designed for commercial operations. They are completely secure and speeds are guaranteed at all times. They also come with an all important SLA (service level agreement) which means in the unlikely case of something going wrong, your connection is up and running again as a priority

Types of uncontended connections:

  • Ethernet first mile (EFM)
  • Ethernet over fibre-to-the-cabinet (EoFTTC)
  • Ethernet over fibre (leased lines/EoF/DEA/DIA)

Korubu’s Smart Hospitality solution includes

  • Uncontended, dedicated ethernet connection
  • Industry leading Cisco Meraki hardware
  • Remote access and support
  • Full, scaleable WiFi coverage
  • Cloud based phones built with your business in mind
  • Korubu guest WiFi software and customer behaviour analytics

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