Smart Hospitality

As specialist technology providers for the hospitality industry, Korubu delivers a combination of I.T. hardware, software solutions and support that bring the best out of venues and businesses. We work closely with both new and existing locations to upgrade outdated infrastructure, improve operations and create effective marketing using intelligent I.T. and Networking capabilities.

With Smart Hospitality, you can

Korubu works in close partnership with your business to assess the best solution for your needs. Scroll down to see how we can make all the difference to your hospitality offering and your customer experience.

Dedicated, Un-contended Ethernet Connectivity

Fast, Reliable Internet

Because our solutions use ethernet, the internet is all yours – no one else shares your connection. So, when demand peaks for critical services like Card Payments, Epos and WiFi, you can rest assured they’ll continue to perform.
Standardised Network Topology

A Future-Proof Network

We use a tried and tested network topology with Cisco Meraki hardware for all routers, access points, switches and CCTV, regardless of location. This provides industry-leading performance today, with the flexibility to evolve for tomorrow.
Segregated Secure Private & Public Networks

Uncompromising Security & Compliance

By operating a dedicated, secure private network for critical services at each individual site, our systems ensure complete PCI compliance for peace of mind while also saving you money on fees you may otherwise incur from third-party merchant service providers. Meanwhile, public internet traffic runs entirely separately, keeping your sensitive information safe without compromising performance.

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Remote Access & Support

Once your smart hospitality network is installed, we’ll continue to help you with anything you need. Technical support is only a click or call away. So, whether you need to troubleshoot an issue, configure extra devices or just get general advice, we’ll get you where you need to be.
Full Coverage

Comprehensive WiFi Coverage - Everywhere

We know how vital WiFi is for your business and tenants. So our engineers will always ensure all equipment installed has full WiFi coverage, whether indoors or outdoors. Whatever the size, shape or architecture of your venue, you can proudly promote “Free WiFi” for all!
Safe Internet Browsing

Relax with Friendly WiFi-Accredited Content Filters

Content Filtering

Flexible content filtering rules keep you in control.

Friendly WiFi Certified

Benefit from Friendly WiFi certification for every venue.

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GDPR Compliant Data Capture

Gather data for targeted customer marketing

Our platform allows tenants to capture GDPR-compliant data for all customers visiting their venues, and create direct SMS marketing and automated email marketing campaigns which can be sent to relevant contacts with the touch of a button.
Card Payments

Continuous 4G POS/Mobile Payment Services

All venues come with a 4G failover as standard. In the unlikely event that your main internet connection goes down, your critical services like Epos and Card payments will carry on working, whatever.
Stay Connected

Cloud-Based Phones for Service Excellence

In the restaurant business, no phone call should go unanswered. Our cloud phone systems route calls intelligently so you never compromise customer service or miss an opportunity.

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