Restaurant Start Ups: What You Need To Know About Smart Hospitality

Starting your own restaurant? We look at the 5 ways Korubu Smart Hospitality can help bring out the best in your business.

Cloud-Based Phones So You Never Miss A Call

Creating a clear and efficient line of communication for customers to contact you is crucial to success. Our cloud phone systems are built with restaurant operations in mind meaning you can minimise unanswered calls through intelligent call flows, improve customer service and receive call reporting updates to see how well your calls are performing.

Future Proof Network

Our Smart Hospitality solution uses tried and tested Cisco Meraki hardware for industry-leading performance. This hardware gives your business high-performance today and the flexibility to evolve should your requirements change in the future.

Fast, Reliable Connectivity

In the modern restaurant, operational efficiency is pinned on having a fast, reliable internet connection. With so much operational technology reliant on connectivity you need to ensure that critical services such card payments, Epos and WiFi never fail during periods of high demand.

GDPR Compliant Marketing Platform

In an industry as competitive as hospitality having a clear marketing strategy is as key as your concept. With Korubu Guest WiFi & Marketing Platform you can collect key customer data from real people who have been in your venue. Utilise your WiFi network and collect a range of data from your customers including name, emails, birthdays. You choose the data you want to collect. You can also identify who your most loyal customers are by segmenting data based on the frequency of visit.


Despite minimising the possibility of anything failing, sometimes things can go wrong. Korubu’s Smart Hospitality solution technical support is only a click or call away. Remote access to your network allows us to troubleshoot quickly to rectify issues.

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