Why You Need Smart Hospitality

In a quickly evolving technological landscape, we look at 4 reasons why you need to be smart with your hospitality technology

What Is Smart Hospitality?

There is no denying that the hospitality industry is largely driven by human interaction, a fact that will remain for the foreseeable future. But on the flip side is the evident global demand and reliance on all things technological.

Enter Korubu Smart Hospitality; a way to create a beneficial balance between old school hospitality service and new age technology.

Delivery the big disruptor

To date, delivery has emerged as a massive disruptor for the restaurant industry. With fast growing companies like Deliveroo and UberEats dominating the UK delivery market, there is a clear opportunity for restaurants to increase their revenue by offering delivery. Operating through an app and tablet in the restaurant, businesses can increase their bottom line by adopting the delivery technology. But what does it mean operationally for the restaurant and how can you ensure you are meeting deliveries and maximising the opportunity?

The simplest way? Ensure your restaurant receives every order. That means having the infrastructure to support the ordering platform. The more delivery platforms the restaurant uses, the more strain on the WiFi network so building a network that allows for growth is a key point of the consideration when looking at the connectivity you choose for your restaurant.

What Korubu Can Do

  • Create a WiFi network that minimises conflicting issues
  • Ensure coverage is sufficient for the devices in the kitchen area
  • Ensure that you have enough bandwidth at busy times to cater for delivery technology.
  • Create a private network used for critical wi-fi devices

Reduce costs with energy technology

Plastics and more recently the straw debate, feature highly in the news when it comes to ways to be more environmentally sustainable but what about technology. How can the technology you adopt have an impact both environmentally and financially?  Korubu’s smart energy technology allows operators to save money on monthly running costs and increase the lifespan of onsite equipment whilst reducing the business’ carbon footprint. Beginning the process with an energy audit reveals exactly how much energy is being used and where, clearly highlighting areas of improvement.

Customer Engagement

With more and more restaurants opening every day, finding ways to speak to customers is a key part of driving business and repeat custom. Korubu Guest WiFi utilises your WiFi network, creating a customisable splash page to capture customer data when they connect to your WiFi. Using this data you can create automated marketing campaigns with MailChimp, load the data into social platforms to target new customers and reward your most loyal customers. It’s a simple but effective way to maintain engagement with real customers who have visited your venue.

Keeping Up With Technology

Technology surrounds us, impacting every part of our daily lives. Going beyond communicating with friends and family, it is being used to simplify processes in all aspects of life. It’s being widely used in the restaurant industry too with advanced POS systems, tablets for self-ordering and even stock systems, helping to streamline mundane and repetitive tasks. This quickly evolving technological landscape means that adopting new technology when it becomes available is a key part of growth. Getting your IT and technology right from the start means that as and when you want to introduce new software or technology into your operation, you have the infrastructure to support it.

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