What Is An IT Infrastructure Upgrade?

Technology evolves quickly, and hospitality technology has seen a huge shift in what the modern restaurant needs in terms of new software and technology.

Do I Need An IT Infrastructure Upgrade?

With new apps, software and demand from customers for WiFi access, it is important to ensure that when adopting this new technology it is viable from an operational perspective.

It is becoming more evident that established operators are noticing that their older systems and network infrastructure simply cannot facilitate the new demand presented by the modern hospitality industry. 

Why Upgrade With Korubu?

An IT infrastructure upgrade allows venues to consolidate chaotic onsite cabinets and networks to create a unified solution that is operationally sound and scalable.

We have worked with several operators to assist with upgrading dated networks so that they too can adopt technology and grow in what is a competitive market.

Operational Problems

Many older, more established venues are all suffering from the same problem from an IT infrastructure perspective. Over time, as technology and demand have progressed, dated infrastructure components are installed and deployed in a bid to meet demand.

Slowly acquired over time, this approach to dealing with an ongoing and growing problem creates a chaotic, unreliable solution for operators. 

An Underwhelming Solution

Commonly we see the acquisition of numerous DSL lines which ultimately are unable to provide a reliable source of connectivity for critical services such as phone systems, CCTV and private & guest Wifi networks. On the ground, this becomes an operational issue for staff and customers as well as the commercial impact.

What Can Korubu Do?

We recommend consolidating connectivity over ethernet. It’s an effective and proven way to ensure your business can be run with a reliable IT foundation as its backbone.

Not only does this increase connectivity speeds but it also ensures all your critical services such as Epos and PDQs continue to work in spite of the demand.

Getting Started With Your Upgrade

An initial site survey can determine what the venues IT infrastructure upgrade will entail. We review your current network infrastructure by looking at exactly what currently sits on your network then identifying additional areas and access points which new technology may require. We will also liaise with staff on site to understand the issues they experience first hand during service.

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