Upgrading Your Restaurant Technology

Technology evolves quickly, and the hospitality industry has seen a huge shift in what the modern venue needs in terms of technology and infrastructure to stay current in a competitive market.

Adopting New Technology

With new revenue driving apps and software such as UberEats and an increased demand from customers for WiFi access, it is important to ensure that when adopting this new technology it is viable from an operational perspective. 

Established operators are noticing that their older systems and network infrastructure simply cannot cope with their changing requirements and are now in need of an IT infrastructure upgrade. The upgrade process can often appear no easy feat, but the benefits are often worth the investment, increasing both operational efficiencies and customer experience.

The Common Problem

Many older, more established venues are all suffering from the same problem from an IT infrastructure perspective. Over time, as technology and demand have progressed, dated infrastructure components are installed and deployed in a bid to meet demand and adopt new technology. Unfortunately for many this approach to dealing with an ongoing and growing problem creates a chaotic, unreliable solution for operators.

Getting Started With An IT Upgrade

As with most upgrades, getting started will require an initial site survey and a review of what is required by the venue. A site survey can give us a substantial amount of information and create a proper starting point for the project. It shows what is already on site and indicates what is needed. This allows us to identify additional areas which may require coverage and any further access points required to support new technology. Speaking to staff onsite also provides insight into any issues they experience first hand during service and busier periods.

Korubu Smart Hospitality

Our Smart Hospitality solution has been developed to encompass everything an operator and venue needs in terms of IT & network infrastructure. It includes

  • Cloud based phones
  • Future proof network that grows with your business
  • GDPR Compliant Marketing Platform
  • Korubu Guest WiFi software in your venue
  • Super fast connectivity

Download Our PDF

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