Understanding IT Infrastructure For Hospitality

In order for a restaurant or bar to successfully and efficiently run, solid IT infrastructure to support their operation is crucial.

Where To Start With Your IT Infrastructure

Understanding IT infrastructure and what is required has been simplified with Korubu’s Smart Hospitality solution. Packaged up to encompass all the requirements of a busy restaurant and allowing for future growth was a key aspect considered during its development. We have worked alongside hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and bars allowing us to  identify exactly what is needed for the modern venue to thrive.So what is Korubu Smart Hospitality?

Networks That Work

Our dependable and proven network topology utilises Cisco Meraki hardware for all routersm access points, switches and CCTV. This allows your business to efficiently operate today and should your requirements change in the future, you know that your network is flexible and sophisticated to grow with your new demands.

WiFi Coverage

In a world so reliant on smartphones and the internet we know how crucial WiFi is to any business. Our Smart Hospitality solution provides any venue with full WiFi coverage regardless of location or size. Outside terrace? No problem, we will ensure full coverage.

Guest WiFi

We have our own guest WiFi software built with a busy operator in mind. Collect GDPR compliant data from guests when they join your WiFi network. Data in exchange for access. With marketing automation at the forefront of its development, our software does the hard work for you via our Mailchimp API. Simply build your campaigns and set triggers for when they need to be sent to guests.

Cloud Phones

Though online bookings are convenient, hospitality is one industry where the phone call is still an incredibly popular way of reserving a table. Many restaurants don’t allow online bookings for parties of 6 or more so a reliable phone system is imperative for any operation. Our cloud based phone systems can be built to manage your call flows exactly how you need them to be. 

Here To Help

Our smart hospitality solution allows us to remotely access the network so if something does come up that you need help with we can easily troubleshoot and solve any issues. 

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