Liquor & Burn - Manchester

Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Liquor & Burn opened in 2013 after taking over from cult cocktail bar Socio Rehab. The Californian-Mexican restaurant features a 140-cover restaurant over 2 floors with an outdoor terrace over the road with space for 60 people. The popular restaurant sees 2500 people visit each week.

Key Challenges

  1. Thick Concrete walls over three floors > challenging for current WiFi setup
  2. No fibre presence in the Area
  3. Post GDPR Database size

Project Details

  1. Internet Speed 4Mbps to 70Mbps
  2. Data Captured per month – 450+ contacts
  3. Guaranteed uptime on circuit 99.999%

Venue Challenges

Poor Phone Signal due to thick walls, three floors

Built in the early 1900s, the high street building is made up of large concrete walls which negatively impacts phone signals and causes intermittent coverage. This means that GSM card payment terminals were completely unreliable, causing frustration for both staff and customers. Stage one of addressing this problem was to create wireless network coverage that allowed the venue to run its card payment terminals entirely on WiFi.
Venue Challenges

DSL only, no fibre presence

Despite the central Northern Quarter location, there was no fibre presence available to the High Street venue, meaning connectivity options were limited. To meet the operational demand and the needs of the restaurant, Korubu sought to identify a connectivity option that was quick, affordable, reliable and came with a SLA.
Venue Challenges


With an established database built up over many years of trading, Liquor & Burn have always been proactive with their marketing efforts. However, in May 2018 when GDPR regulations were introduced, the entire database was essentially made redundant as people’s inboxes were flooded with an influx of “please opt-in to my database” emails. Finding a new way to grow their database was a critical part of their marketing strategy.

“Korubu have been with us at every build and opening, and their support and maintenance service continues to be reliable and valuable to us operationally. Even during our busiest periods such as Bank Holiday weekends and Christmas, nothing crashes operationally”

Jon Kirby, Director


Network Upgrade

Following a site survey, a plan was made to re-cable the entire venue back to a central location. Extra points were needed to allow for additional wifi access points to improve coverage, phones and to future proof the venue for inevitable growth and requirements into the future.


A dedicated ethernet circuit was installed to deliver fast internet connection which could not only cope with demand from critical services, but also new demand created directly by customers. With guest WiFi now available and with no phone signal on-site the service needed to be quick. A 4g failover backup was also installed to minimise any possible downtime in the venue.
Korubu Guest Wifi

A Constant stream of compliant data

Korubu Guest WiFi software was installed across the Meraki network, ensuring all visiting customers not only had internet access but also had the option to receive further marketing messages from the venue. Traffic shaping ensures that users can’t “hog” bandwidth and all customers enjoy a seamless WiFi experience.

Key Stats

Increased Internet Speed 
from 4Mbps to 70Mbps

Data Captured per month
– 450+ contacts

Guaranteed uptime
on circuit 99.999%

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