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The modern restaurant has had to respond to the digital era just as much as any other industry in recent years. Not only from an operational perspective but also to the growing demands of their customers.

A Changing Landscape

Today’s customers want seamless and personalised experiences when they choose your venue and this is forcing business’ to transform the way they operate by adopting new technology.

However, in order to stay relevant and competitive, your business’ infrastructure must not only be able to adapt to new technology but also predict change before it happens. Having an intelligent, solid network that is supported by an uncontended internet connection is now more important than ever.

Korubu Smart Hospitality

Korubu’s Smart Hospitality solution is helping prepare hundreds of restaurants across the country for the digital era by providing infrastructure that is responsive, scalable and able to grow as your business grows. We help bars and restaurants maximise the potential of hospitality-driven software and technology to improve operations and customer experience.

Korubu Guest WiFi

It goes without saying that retaining existing customers is far more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. So perhaps it’s no wonder that more and more restaurants are taking advantage of Guest WiFi software. Korubu’s guest WiFi software has been created with the operator and customer experience at the forefront of its development. 

Our software product provides your customers with a simple and easy to use guest WiFi solution and a back-end dashboard that allows operators to automate marketing campaigns so that they run behind the scenes and encourage repeat custom.

With a MailChimp API, you can build campaigns and have them send automatically when a customer leaves the venue, returns or you can encourage repeat visits if a customer hasn’t been for a while. All the trigger points can be customised within MailChimp, simply build the campaign, the trigger point and MailChimp does the rest.

Uncontended Connectivity

With delivery apps such as Deliveroo & UberEats accounting for a large proportion of a venue’s take, it is now as crucial as ever to ensure a solid, reliable internet connection. Our Smart Hospitality solution uses uncontended ethernet connections which mean the connection is exclusively yours. No sharing with other businesses and no drop in speed at peak times. 

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