Introduction To Korubu Smart Care

Korubu Smart Care brings your care home into the digital future with smart technology that allows service users to connect and manage their internet and utilities without lengthy contracts and installation costs

The Current Landscape

Historically, organising internet and utilities has been left to the service users themselves to organise. The problem with this is that more often than not the care provider has to facilitate the installation of lines and utilities from a number of different companies. The lengthy time scale attached to this method of providing services ultimately causes frustration for both parties.

Contractual obligations for each service user and the often transient nature of those living in care means that often bills go unpaid and contracts remain outstanding, making it very difficult for new residents to connect.

Korubu Smart Care

The key is having the right IT infrastructure. Care providers are starting to take note of the benefits of getting the infrastructure right from the start and the possibilities it opens for modern housing and care.

The way to address current issues, is by installing IT infrastructure into properties during the development process. This means that it’s now easier than ever to supply all residents at a residential property with internet and smart energy technology to reduce costs.

What We Do

Once the infrastructure is in place, care providers and service users can move into a property and immediately connect to super fast internet and organise utilities in a matter of minutes. With guaranteed WiFi coverage throughout the home, getting online is as simple as logging on to the portal and creating an account.

What’s more, our contracts run as pay as you go, so should a service user vacate the home, the next person can easily connect and create their own account.

What's Included?

Everything your home needs from an IT and technology perspective is taken care of. Korubu Smart Care includes

  • Super fast internet with full WiFi coverage
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Greener, cheaper energy tariffs
  • The latest VOIP phone system, to keep staff connected
  • Smart Care enabled sites mean care technology & software like epilepsy software and CCTV can be easily deployed
  • No installation cost, no contracts
  • Pay bills easily; direct debit, standing order, online or by calling us direct

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