Bundobust North West

With 3 sites across the North West in Leeds, Manchester and most recently Liverpool, vegetarian Indian restaurant Bundobust welcomes thousands of craft-beer enthusiasts every week. The street food-inspired team behind the operation have recently set their sites on an additional Manchester venue due to popular demand.

Fast, Reliable Connectivity

Connectivity Mix

Contrary to popular belief some city centre locations actually are unable to get a fibre connection into the building. The cost and implications of getting fibre to the venue can also present a number of issues including high costs and disruption to busy roads. When a venue finds that the cost of fibre outweighs the requirements, Korubu seeks to source a connectivity option that is quick, affordable, reliable and comes with a SLA.

With multiple sites over 3 cities, the connectivity mix for Bundobust included EoFTTC and EFM. Both EoFTTC and EFM provide Bundobust with the reliability and affordability they require to run their operations

High Traffic Venue

Creating A Solid Infrastructure

Bundobust’s growth since they opened in 2012 is indicative of the footfall the restaurants see over the three sites. Bundobust required infrastructure which can cope with the operational demand presented by the popular and high cover restaurants.
Korubu Smart Hospitality

Marketing Capabilities

Korubu installed our Smart Hospitality solution. This means that no matter how busy the restaurants are, they can continue to operate efficiently and without problems. Korubu Guest WiFi software was also installed in the sites meaning that Bundobust can collect valuable GDPR compliant data for remarketing purposes. The perfect tool to market their events and newly launched merchandise.

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