How Does Technology Affect Restaurants?

Technology is constantly evolving and affecting every aspect of our daily lives, and the hospitality industry is no different.

New hospitality technology companies are finding ways to make life and operations easier by providing revenue-generating and productivity-boosting tech solutions. But as the number of options to choose from steadily grows, operators have a harder time keeping up with all the new developments and finding and selecting what’s right for their business.

Here are three tips to ensure you are selecting the right hospitality technology for your business

Guest WiFi

As the number of bars and restaurants continues to rise, the need for a solid guest WiFi platform is becoming more and more important. Not only does a Korubu guest WiFi provide your customers with WiFi, it also collects valuable customer data and insight into who your guests are. Using the MailChimp API means you can engage with customers after they leave, setting up automated email campaigns encouraging repeat visits. Korubu guest WiFi also ensures that all data is GDPR compliant. 

Deliveroo & UberEats

The takeaway scene has become an important revenue boost for restaurants across the country. Deliveroo started out as a way to deliver a high standard of takeaway food to homes in city centres, but it’s popularity has seen the app expand into suburban towns as well. The easiest way to take advantage of this increased revenue stream is to ensure you never miss an order. That means having a reliable, uncontended connectivity as well as an intelligently built network that never fails. Korubu’s Smart Hospitality solution has been designed to support all delivery apps, with reliability guaranteed.

Scaleable Technology

As mentioned technology is constantly evolving and being able to quickly adopt technology and respond to the changing landscape is a key benefit for tech savvy operators. Korubu’s Smart Hospitality solution allows operators to quickly add new technology to their operation because our hardware and network solutions are built with growth in mind.

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