How Do I Setup A WiFi Hotspot For My Business?

Smartphones and our dependence on our phones are at their highest peak. What was once a device solely built for communication purposes has evolved into a piece of technology with far more digital capabilities than anyone could have imagined.

The rise of social media and streaming services such as Netflix mean that smartphones are relied on more than ever before. But how can a business take advantage of this?

A common question we are faced with from customers is, “How Do I Setup A WiFi Hotspot For My Business?”. Customers in bars and restaurants now expect to have WiFi access as standard so that they can work, check social media and save their data bundles whilst dining or drinking. This presents operators with an opportunity to receive something valuable in exchange for bandwidth.  

Splash pages of the past were previously associated with hotels but they have become a more common fixture in coffee shops, bars and restaurants in the last few years. 

Korubu guest WiFi software allows operators to create fully customisable splash pages with their company’s logo, brand colours, as well as all-important data capture for marketing efforts. Korubu allows operators to choose the data fields they wish to capture, asking for as much or as little as they see fit. Customer names, email addresses, phone numbers and date of birth are just a few of the more commonly requested data fields. Once the customer has inputted their details you can choose to direct them to a web page of your choice, perhaps showing them an upcoming event or new menu.

The GDPR compliant data is then stored in the Korubu dashboard and can be set up using a MailChimp API so that automated emails can be sent out after customers leave. The data can also be used in social media platforms such as Facebook to target lookalike audiences and new customers.

So how do you get started?

One of the key issues with deploying guest WiFi software is ensuring that it actually works and customers can connect. Dated infrastructure in older, more established venues, more often than not, cannot facilitate the software. Poorly configured networks coupled with contended DSL connections mean that as demand increases, the network simply cannot cope with the number of people connecting to the WiFi. 

Korubu has experience in assisting older venues with their IT infrastructure upgrade. This can involve the consolidation of broadband lines and making the move to an uncontended ethernet connection which supports the WiFi hotspot.

Want to find out how your venue can adopt this new technology and make the move to ethernet? Call us on 0161 300 1601 or send us a message by clicking here.

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