How Can Your Business Turn Free WiFi Into A Marketing Opportunity?

For many businesses owners, providing free Wi-Fi for customers is often a thankless perk. Many coffee shops and restaurants are familiar with the customer that enters their venue, buys one cup of coffee, only to spend the next two hours nursing that same drink, taking up seating space and emptying the free water jug, just to use the Wi-Fi. What’s more, when they finally do leave, the owner, unlike many online businesses, has no record they were ever there in the first place.

Here at Korubu we believe we have found a seamless way to turn free Wi-Fi into valuable customer data. The concept is brilliantly simple to implement with a valuable and quantifiable return for those businesses that adopt the technology.

To access the Wi-Fi network in a Korubu enabled venue, customers have to log in with their email address, phone number or social media accounts. They could be prompted to “like” a Facebook page, subscribe to a mailing list, or provide a phone number so that they connect with the venue they are in.

Korubu will also give businesses the option to further promote events, menu changes, news and video content by prompting customers to register interest or by sending them to their website or landing page.

Businesses can gain meaningful insights about their customers through their social sign-ins alone. It’s a compromise that gives business owners the data they want and the customers the connectivity they need.

Using this insight to understand customers means businesses can create targeted and meaningful marketing campaigns that reflect the profile of their customer base. Korubu’s analytics and marketing platform allows you to take this data and send out campaigns to customers straight from the dashboard. So whether it’s a SMS, email or even a social media campaign, Korubu can help you grow your business with relevant marketing activity.

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